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Pros and Cons of WIFI Connectivity

Pros and Cons of WIFI Connectivity

For the most part, we all enjoy the benefits of Wifi. Whether in the form of personal day to day use or through the industries that service us (the kiosk in a downtown restaurant or the laptop mounted on the dash of a police car). Wifi is here and we hope to stay.

And considering the great amount of convenience provided to us through the use of Wifi, it’s easy to assume that its pros undoubtedly outweigh its cons. But to be fair there are actually some considerable downsides of Wifi that should be acknowledged. Here are just a few.

Some Considerable Downsides to Wifi


Its interesting to note that one of the main reasons some companies refuse to allow remote workers to ‘Wifi it’ through a work day is due to the possible security threats that wireless poses. Many work-at-home companies that contract with big name phone and cable corporations for customer service explicitly tell potential employees that a hard line is a must to be considered for a job. They just don’t trust Wifi-and reasonably so.

How serious are the security risk?

laptopDepending on whether or not you frequent the unsecured hotspot at your local coffee shop or only rely on a secured WPA connection in your home, will largely determine how concerned you should be with Wifi security threats. A good amount of protocols have already been put in place by secured connections that are paid for via home internet or mobile data plans.Though not 100% secure, they are still great for a little piece of mind when working wirelessly.

Yet public Wifi is a different story.

The Freebie Addiction

If you love grabbing a chance at free Wifi whenever you possible (or refuse to pay for a data plan), you should be concerned about falling victim to a hacker attack. Not-so-nice people do exist and the opportunity for them to obtain all your important information on a free or public network is unfortunately very easy. Free connections only require someone thats nearby with a little know-how to quickly access your personal information.

Likewise, what makes security the number one downside for Wifi connectivity is that even secure and paid for connections like WPA (which can be accessed in under minutes) are vulnerable to hacker attacks. Though the WPA2 seems to be much more secure than its counterpart, and significantly more difficult to overcome, it may be only a matter of time until that also becomes another easy target.

Slow or no connection

If you’ve ever experienced the horrible life of dial-up, or even DSL, then you know what a poor connection is all about. And as far as disadvantages go, wifi is definitely susceptible to slow performance and disconnects (more so than a hard line connection).

The culprit may be several things; radio interference is one of them.

Since everyone has to share the same highway (or frequency) its possible to experience a slow connection or even be dropped when several people are logged in to a wireless network (think weekends and early evening). This is a recurring problem with many wireless connections. Though using a larger bandwidth like 5Ghz may help in some cases, there are still other drawbacks to the higher Ghz band (like range and availability).

Though overall, since the issue of slow and dropped connections is not as common with the ever-popular home cable connect, this point is a major highlight when it comes to Wifi defects.


The Overwhelmingly Bright Side of Wifi

Mobility Breeds Productivity

Even with the flaws mentioned, Wifi is still a champion favorite for many due to the mobility that it provides. Task that would traditionally require a desktop computer and standard wired connection can literally be done almost anywhere that Wifi is available. This means turning 15 minutes waiting at the doctor’s office into 15 minutes off a 3-hour-long project. Or turning a 10 minute wait for take-out into some well-needed research time for an impending term paper.

So it may be safe to say (again, just because we all love convenience so much) that despite any issues concerning security or dropped connections, Wifi’s (only one) major pro-a convenience that has yet to be rivaled-is really enough to override any disadvantages that we can conjure up.


Martha, a blogger and writer since long time, is currently cooperating with and she is always keen on sharing her thoughts and ideas.

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  1. I agree. Wi-Fi has great advantages in terms of convenience, cost, usability, but it is not as secure as the wired broadband.

    Nevertheless, wireless broadband technology is still useful. I presume this area is also a main concern of people behind this technology. They should find a way to patch this loophole. Wi-Fi may be safe for home use. Homeowners can use this angle to get the best wifi deals from providers.

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